10 Exterior Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

Exterior home upgrades can be transformative to your living space, revitalizing the outward appearance of your home and amplifying its overall curb appeal.  In this article, we are covering the top 10 exterior upgrades to consider for your home in 2024. Discover an array of innovative and practical enhancements designed to elevate your home’s aesthetics, […]

How to Maintain a Garage Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

Garage doors get a lot of action, opening and closing around 3 to 5 times per day. For that reason, you need to provide proper care. Otherwise, you might end up with a squeaky door that requires costly repairs. Luckily, you can dodge all that hassle with some good old maintenance tricks. In this article, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Painting

Welcome to the world of industrial painting!  From protective coatings to specialized applications, a lot of effort and manual labor goes into the industrial painting process. As such, it is crucial to know the basics of industrial painting, including what equipment to use and how to stay safe while painting.  In this blog, we take […]

How Often Should Stucco Be Painted?

Stucco is a versatile and popular building material that has a long history of use.  Along with adding aesthetic appeal to homes and commercial buildings, stucco also helps to increase structural integrity and durability. The unique texture and appearance of stucco make the material a preferred choice for the exterior of all types of buildings.   […]

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Deck?

A beautifully painted deck can add tremendous value and appeal to your home.  Whether you are painting your deck for the first time or touching up an existing paint job, ensuring your deck is painted professionally and correctly is key. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing deck paint job, the first vital step is to break […]

Should I Paint Before Moving In?

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly exciting time. As you embark on your new adventure and begin moving into a new living space, painting can be a great way to make your new home unique to you.  When painting a new home, several factors are key to consider for both your convenience […]

Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint

Giving your home or business a fresh paint job can liven up the space and make it more welcoming.  No matter if you are remodeling, fixing up a new property investment, or simply want a change in scenery, it is crucial to know what type of paint to use and when. For residential and commercial […]